Trip to Lambeau Field, Cowboys vs. Packers, and the Catch That Wasn’t

Dal here, and what a time I had in Green Bay, Wisconsin at Lambeau field! I do want to thank my wife, friends, family, and co-wokers who helped make this happen, it was a blast. In this episode Dave and I talk about my trip up to Lambeau that I made with my brother. From freezing temps, cheese curds, fun fans, and a catch that wasn’t I will take you through the awesome sporting event that is a game at Lambeau field. This being my first ever NFL playoff game, for it to be at Lambeau is so special and a trip I will never forget. The fans were great and the tail gaiting is a blast. If you ever make it up to Lambeau definitely go early and take in all the sights, sounds, tastes, and smells.

Nestled in this small town of Green Bay is a storied and highly successful NFL Franchise. Amidst a charming classic Americana neighborhood stands this great stadium and the people that make up the town represent that classic small town feel. One thing I noted on the trip is that no matter where you are in the United States, a small town maintains its feel in many places across America. It’s friendly, welcoming, down to earth residents reflect the heart of so many small towns many of us have grown up in and traveled to. In a way the Green Bay Packers’ success almost represents the genuine people of Green Bay, I think this town is very deserving of 13 world championships (including 4 super bowl wins). In contrast these two teams, the Dallas Cowboys and Green Bay Packers, couldn’t be more different. One a small town, the other one of the largest cities in the United States. One having an owner outspoken by no one, the other not even having an owner but a board with a president that few people can name (and a team owned by that fans). One is all razzle-dazzle, the other honest and down to earth. But when they came together on this cold January day, they produced the greatest sporting event of this young calendar year of 2015.

Obviously I would have loved walking away with a Cowboy victory. I can’t imagine there would have been many Tony Romo jokes as my brother and I headed back to the car parked in a yard of a Lambeau field neighbor. But isn’t that what makes sports what it is? The ups and downs, the wins and losses? These losses make the wins that much greater. The losses ultimately are what make being a fan worth it. But I imagine the disappointment that a fan feels, pales in comparison to what the players feel. In the end we remember it is just a game. We remember what is important in life. For me, relationships are important, my relationship with Jesus, and with family and friends are what I strive to put first and so often fail at. And I am so thankful for the forgiveness and grace others have shown to me in my life. Going on this trip made me realize how sports really brings so many people together. In the airport you are talking to strangers, you start up conversations where you normally wouldn’t. You talk with those who cheer for you team and you talk with those who don’t. You high five people you don’t even know, and share in exciting moments. Looking back at the trip it really is convicting, what if we were as communal with people in sports as were in our jobs, with our families, or going to the grocery store? Sharing, loving, laughing, and even hurting with each other. So maybe sports can teach us more than we think?

Below I have posted some pictures and highlights of the trip, and go to Lambeau if you get the chance! Thanks for reading and thanks for listening!



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