The Dominant NBA Western Conference, And Dave Telling Mavs Nation to Calm Down

Dave and Dal got together last week to talk about the NBA Western Conference and particularly the Southwest Division and just how great that one division is. They discuss the new acquisitions by the Mavs and Dal asks Dave if he is worried with how the Mavs had been playing since the All Star break.  Dave shares why he is not worried about the Mavs, and Dal is excited about how the Spurs have turned things around lately. Also with the big Mavs win over the Clippers and OKC, looks like Dave’s got it right with his call to calm down for Mavs fans that were worried. Dave and Dal also get in an ol’ Spurs and Mavs debate. Thanks for listening, and don’t forget about the free stickers! Just click on the Free Stickers tab above and fill out the form!


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One thought on “The Dominant NBA Western Conference, And Dave Telling Mavs Nation to Calm Down

  1. davefromdaveanddal says:

    One last comment on this Dirk has dropped 9.3 points per game Avg from back in his best season. Duncan is down 11.3 points per game and his best was a full point below Dirks to begin with so it would be harder for him to drop off more. If you compare Dirk to his career avg he has dropped 5 points, compared to Duncan’s 5.4 points per game drop. This is just one of the reasons I think it is funny when people go Father Time on Dirk because Father Time has been much kinder to him than others 18.2 career Avg for Garnett and he’s now at 7.6. When you look at the best Bigs over the last 15 or so years Dirk is still the most productive.

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