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Rangers Season Recap and What Does Baseball Need?

During game 4 of the World Series we got together to discuss the Rangers season that was (Dave’s favorite team) and also take a look at some areas where baseball can improve. From games in a season, to robot umps we discuss where baseball can make it better. Also with an amazing end to the World Series we will get together soon to talk about an amazing comeback by the Cubs, ending a 108 year drought, and maybe the greatest game 7 of all time.


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2015 Baseball Awards

Dave and Dal got together during the MLB playoffs to talk about the upcoming offseason awards. They take a look across Major League Baseball from Rookie of the Year, Cy Young, Manager of the Year, and MVP’s. Thanks for listening!

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Baseball Playoffs and ALDS Game 4 Reactions

With a chance to move on the the ALCS both Texas and Houston spoiled their chances and now both have to go on the road to try and advance. Dave and Dal got together after their favorite baseball teams lost game 4 and take a quick look back at how both Houston and Texas got there. They also take a quick look into the National League side and give predictions for the rest of the way. Who do you have winning it all? Thanks for listening!


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MLB’s New Commissioner on Adding a Clock And Banning The Shift?

Major Leagues Baseball’s new commissioner Robert Manfred was on the job only a few hours and he was already making some waves in the MLB community. In an recent interview with fox sports and Ken Rosenthal Manfred addressed his comments about being open to banning the shift in baseball and this has Dave a bit upset. In this episode we talk about the possible changes and how it could effect the game. One scenario with the pitch clock we address is when there is a no hitter on the line, does the pitcher still have to maintain the clock? If the shift is ever banned how would they determine where they can and can’t stand? Are outfielders not allowed to go further in the outfield if a power hitter is at the plate? Also Manfred has mentioned a big focus of his will be appealing to the younger generation and getting them more involved, will this change when the World Series is aired? Let us know what you think about Manfred comments. Thanks for listening!


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Milwaukee Brewers Timeless Ticket Offer

The Milwaukee Brewers have a new offer for their fans, the Timeless Ticket offer. With this ticket, it is a guaranteed ticket to any Milwaukee Brewers home game ever! You also get a bronze ticket with your name engraved on it and soemthing you can keep forever. All of this for the cool price of $1000. They are also throwing in some regular season tickets to sweeten the deal. Check it out on their website here! Thanks for listening, and let us know what you think of the Timeless Ticket! Would you buy one for your favorite MLB team?


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Dave’s MLB Hall of Fame Selection Reaction

The 2015 Major Leauge Baseball Hall of Fame class has been selected! Craig Biggio, Randy Johnson, John Smoltz, and Pedro Martinez make up one the largest MLB Hall of Fame classes in recent years. Dave shares his reaction to this class and also takes a look at some of the players who were not selected this year, but may be in the future. Dave takes a look at who will be eligible for the 2016 class, and shares some thoughts on who might make it next year into the Hall of Fame. Thanks for listening!



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Dave’s 2015 MLB Hall of Fame Ballot

Who is headed to Cooperstown? Dave gives you his 2015 MLB Hall of Fame Ballot as they announce today who will be in! First Dave’s walks Dal through how exactly the selection process works, then gets into his picks and some thoughts on this years ballot. Let us know what you think of Dave’s list, and find us on Facebook and Twitter!




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Texas Rangers Offseason Moves…

Dave and Dal got together to talk about what the Texas Rangers have done so far in the off season. Let us know what you think of all the off season moves!




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Dave’s son first MLB game and Jeter’s last in Texas


Dave takes one of his sons to his first Major League Baseball game and Derek Jeter’s last game in Texas. He also tries to get Prince Fielder’s autograph while Prince is doing some rehab. And Dal wonders what exactly does Jeter do with all of those gifts?




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Episode 1! – Rangers in last, NBA off season, and the West is so dominant.

Dave gameplanning

Dave game planning…

The first episode for Dave and Dal. We get into what the Rangers should do now as the last place team in Baseball. We talk some NBA on LeBron and his legacy, some Mavs, and Spurs offseason. Also how ridiculous the East has been for years. And don’t worry if you hear some kids in the background, it’s just Dave’s kids watching Transformers.



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