New England or Seattle? Picks and The Legacy of Brady and Wilson

Dave and Dal talk about the big game today in Arizona. Dal has a one game lead on Dave during their Playoff picks this year, and they didn’t pick the same team. This is Dave’s chance to square it up. They also talk about the legacy of New England and the Belichick era, and also the legacy of Brady and whether the recent deflation scandal tarnishes his legacy. They also look at Russell Wilson, if Seattle is able to win this game, where does Russell rank among the all time greats? Does he deserve the credit or does the defense deserve it? Dave looks at the history of the NFL great QB’s and where Russell and Tom rank and what help did the other greats have? Dal also talks about the similarities of the Patriots franchise compared to San Antonio Spurs franchise. What are the similarities between the two teams? Is Ty Law the Bruce Bowen of the NFL? Thanks for listening, and follow us on Twitter!


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2 thoughts on “New England or Seattle? Picks and The Legacy of Brady and Wilson

  1. davefromdaveanddal says:

    Pro-Bowl WR’s During the Tom Brady Era
    Wes Welker 5X (All as a Patriot)
    Mathew Slater 2X (All as a Patriot)
    Randy Moss 7X (two as a Patriot)
    Brandon Lloyd 1X (Zero as a Patriot)
    Terry Glenn 1X (All with Patriots but Brady was on Bench)
    Troy Brown 1X (All as a Patriot)

    12 Pro Bowl WR Seasons in the past 15 Years for Patriots

  2. davefromdaveanddal says:

    The numbers above were through 2012 Mathew Slater has added two more Pro Bowls as a Patriot (although they have been Special Teams) And I forgot to add Gronk and his 3 Pro Bowls. So if we take away the 4 from Slater, and add the 3 for Gronk it’s 11 Pro Bowl WR/TE Seasons in the past 15 Years for the Patriots.

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