MLB’s New Commissioner on Adding a Clock And Banning The Shift?

Major Leagues Baseball’s new commissioner Robert Manfred was on the job only a few hours and he was already making some waves in the MLB community. In an recent interview with fox sports and Ken Rosenthal Manfred addressed his comments about being open to banning the shift in baseball and this has Dave a bit upset. In this episode we talk about the possible changes and how it could effect the game. One scenario with the pitch clock we address is when there is a no hitter on the line, does the pitcher still have to maintain the clock? If the shift is ever banned how would they determine where they can and can’t stand? Are outfielders not allowed to go further in the outfield if a power hitter is at the plate? Also Manfred has mentioned a big focus of his will be appealing to the younger generation and getting them more involved, will this change when the World Series is aired? Let us know what you think about Manfred comments. Thanks for listening!


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