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Dirk Nowitzki 30k Points

Dave and Dal went on a little field trip earlier this year to be a Nowitzness, in person of Dirk joining the elite and rarest of basketball feats, thirty, thousand, points. That’s right, Dave and Dal were in the building that night and got together not long after to discuss that historic night. Now months later this episode is here for you to enjoy. Mavs fans can celebrate Dirks new dirt cheap contract and sit back and relive Dirk crossing 30k points.


Dallas Mavericks and the DeAndre Jordan Saga

Dave shares his thoughts and emotions about the recent saga of DeAndre Jordan. The Mavs were left out to dry and Dave gives his throughts and where they should go from here.



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The Dominant NBA Western Conference, And Dave Telling Mavs Nation to Calm Down

Dave and Dal got together last week to talk about the NBA Western Conference and particularly the Southwest Division and just how great that one division is. They discuss the new acquisitions by the Mavs and Dal asks Dave if he is worried with how the Mavs had been playing since the All Star break.  Dave shares why he is not worried about the Mavs, and Dal is excited about how the Spurs have turned things around lately. Also with the big Mavs win over the Clippers and OKC, looks like Dave’s got it right with his call to calm down for Mavs fans that were worried. Dave and Dal also get in an ol’ Spurs and Mavs debate. Thanks for listening, and don’t forget about the free stickers! Just click on the Free Stickers tab above and fill out the form!


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Top 10 NBA Players Without a Championship

This episode is brought to you by YOU, the Dave and Dal Sportscast listener. This question was submitted by listener Ben through our text line, 832-930-3283 (DAVE). Thank you Ben for the question! Dave runs down his top 10 NBA players without that highly sought after championship ring. Dave has some no brainers on his list, but also some that might surprise you. Dal thinks its time for the return of the big man in the NBA, and also brings a possible follow up episode to this one. Let us know what you think of Dave’s list. And text us those questions and suggestions to the Dave And Dal Text Line 832-930-3283 (DAVE). Find us on twitter @DaveAndDal, and as always thanks for listening!

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