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2016 NASCAR Chase Championship Predictions

We look to tomorrows exciting finale to the NASCAR season with it all on the line for Joey, Jimmie, Kyle, and Carl as one of those drivers will take home the championship at Homestead. We give you our predictions to who will be lifting the trophy. Also gather round for a little story time with Dave as he shares stories of getting drivers autographs while also asking them an interesting and fun question.

NASCAR Chase Predictions and the Future of NASCAR

Before the Martinsville race, we got together to look at the final push for the NASCAR Sprint Cup Championship. Dave shares his thoughts on the season, and who he thinks will take away the championship. We also look at the new trend of NASCAR drivers retiring early, and what that means for NASCAR. Dal reveals his die hard fandom of Carl Edwards, while Dave has enjoyed getting to watch Jeff Gordon race again this year. And who would’ve guessed it, NASCAR and MLS have similar problems. Thanks for listening!

Dave’s 2015 NASCAR Chase Predictions

We got together a little while ago to record Dave’s picks for the 2015 NASCAR season. Get ready for this NASCAR season in this historical season where the Chase format is unchanged, and let us know who you think will be there in the Chase at the end of the year! Also if you’re a NASCAR fan you have got to check out a really cool website it’s an awesome site with all of the NASCAR info you need on your favorite team and drivers. Since we recorded this episode, the Busch bothers are out, one on suspension, and the other injured. So in place of those two picks Dave bumps up Kasey Kahne and Greg Biffle. Dal just couldn’t get the episode up in time…but thanks again for listening and find us on Twitter, and Facebook!


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Jeff Gordon Announces Retirement After Upcoming Season

It was a sad day for Dave, his favorite NASCAR driver of all time, Jeff Gordon, announced he will retire at the end up the upcoming 2015 NASCAR season. Dave and Dal talk about this early retirement for him, and also a look at where NASCAR is heading with guys retiring earlier and earlier. Dave talks about why he thinks this is happening, and Dal shares why he thinks this could hurt NASCAR. Dave also takes a look at what Jeff Gordon has brought to the sport, and why it’s so sad to hear of his retirement. Let us know what you think about guys retiring earlier now in the sport. Thanks for listening! 

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Dave Vents His Nascar Frustration

It’s our 25th episode, and Dave finally vents his NASCAR frustration about the chase format. What has NASCAR turned into, a roller derby league? Dave thinks it may have. The chase format may produce some drama at the end of the season, but Dave thinks it is taking away from what the sport is truly about, racing! Let us know what you think, and find us on Facebook and Twitter.




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NASCAR Atlanta Race And Countdown To The Chase

Dave and Dal discuss the race in Atlanta, and what the end of the season looks like heading into the chase.


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NASCAR Bristol Race, Upcoming Chase, and Dave Shares Some Autograph Stories

Dave and Dal talk about the latest NASCAR race at Bristol Motor Speedway. Dave looks at the upcoming chase and also explains to Dal the ever confusing chase format. Dave also shares some autograph stories and a hilarious question he likes to ask NASCAR drivers. Comment here on the post, and find us on Twitter and Facebook!


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Jeff Gordan’s 90th NASCAR Win, and Playoff Formatting Discussion

Dave talks about Jeff Gordan’s 90th NASCAR win, and also about playoff formatting. Dave looks at how Jeff’s career compares to fellow NASCAR greats, and who may be on the horizon. Comment here on the post or find us on Twitter and Facebook!


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