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LeBron James and Kevin Love, and What Really Makes a Player Great?

10th Episode! Thanks everyone for downloading we really appreciate it, we are having a blast and hope you are enjoying the podcasts! In this episode Dave and Dal talk about the Kevin Love trade, and how it will impact the East. They also debate what really makes a player great. Comment below or find us on Twitter and Facebook!



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Dave’s son first MLB game and Jeter’s last in Texas


Dave takes one of his sons to his first Major League Baseball game and Derek Jeter’s last game in Texas. He also tries to get Prince Fielder’s autograph while Prince is doing some rehab. And Dal wonders what exactly does Jeter do with all of those gifts?




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Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods

Dave and Dal take a minute to talk about Rory’s dominance, and what the future looks like for the PGA tour.




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Episode 1! – Rangers in last, NBA off season, and the West is so dominant.

Dave gameplanning

Dave game planning…

The first episode for Dave and Dal. We get into what the Rangers should do now as the last place team in Baseball. We talk some NBA on LeBron and his legacy, some Mavs, and Spurs offseason. Also how ridiculous the East has been for years. And don’t worry if you hear some kids in the background, it’s just Dave’s kids watching Transformers.



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