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LIVE Fantasy Football Draft

This year Dave will dispell his Fantasy Football advice in a real live Fantasy Football draft. Dal is in a leauge with some friends, and Dave sits in on the draft to offer advice and stratagies for Dal. He also gives advice on what you should do in certain situations of YOUR draft. Dave offers some great tips, including go ahead get a player from your favorite team, but don’t let your homerism and fandom blind you. Also KNOW YOUR RULES, Dal offers a helpful song to remember this. Finally, show up to your draft, don’t let the computer pick for you. Listen for more tips from Dave, and his thoughts on players all across the NFL. Thanks for listening!

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Dave’s Fantasy Football Apology

Dave issues his official Fantasy Football apology, regrettably during our hiatus he was unable to inform you on some of his busts mid season and how to recover. Still, he offers his sincere apology. Dave and Dal also discuss their current standings in their own league while watching Dal cling to a lead thanks to Dez Bryant’s big night on Sunday night (Dal went on to advance to the Super Bowl!). Thanks again for listening, let us know how your Fantasy Football season has gone, comment here on this post, and find us on Facebook and Twitter!



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Fantasy Football Wrap Up And A Call To Frank The Annoying Fantasy Football Guy

Dave and Dal wrap up the “pre-season” for Fantasy Football and Dave gives some advice and strategies for the season. They also give Frank the Annoying Fantasy Football Guy a call, he needed some last minute draft advice so Dave is just helping out. If you need any draft help or have any questions ask us! Comment here on the post, or find us on Twitter and Facebook! 





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Fantasy Football Wide Receivers

Dave gives some insight on drafting Fantasy Football wide receivers. He also encourages everyone to not do what Dal did when you can’t make a draft, and that is letting pre season rankings auto draft for you. Set your draft if you cant make it, and know your league settings! If you have any questions, comment here on the post, or find us on Twitter and Facebook! 


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Fantasy Football Running Backs

Dave and Dal talk about the upcoming 2014 fantasy football running back draft. Dave covers both point per reception and non point per reception leagues. Also Dal suggests the UNT great Lance Dunbar could be great sleeper pick….okay we’ll let Dave stick to the fantasy football advice. Feel free to ask us any questions below or at @DaveAndDal on twitter!




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Fantasy Football Tight Ends

Dave gives a shot at a show intro….but also fills you in on Fantasy Football Tight Ends. There are some big time tight ends that can get you a lot of points this year, and Dave will tell you when to draft them. Got any questions ask below, or ask us on twitter @DaveAndDal




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Fantasy Football, Who, When, and Where on Drafting QB’s

Dave shares his fantasy football know how on drafting QB’s this coming year, and Dal shows he had no idea Josh Gordon was out for the whole season… But you should listen to Dave. He will bring you championships.




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