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Dirk Nowitzki 30k Points

Dave and Dal went on a little field trip earlier this year to be a Nowitzness, in person of Dirk joining the elite and rarest of basketball feats, thirty, thousand, points. That’s right, Dave and Dal were in the building that night and got together not long after to discuss that historic night. Now months later this episode is here for you to enjoy. Mavs fans can celebrate Dirks new dirt cheap contract and sit back and relive Dirk crossing 30k points.


MLS and FC Dallas Reflections

We have an exciting Dave and Dal MLS Episode ready for you! In this episode, Dal talks about Major League Soccer action across the league and takes a Diego Chara dive (just kidding, that dude is awesome) into the FC Dallas season thus far. With so many topics we have broken down the show for you below. You can be apart of the show by calling and leaving a message, or texting 832-930-3283 let us know your MLS thoughts. Check out FC Dallas’ head coach Oscar Pareja’s podcast with men in Blazers, and the LA Galaxy tweet of the season, links below. Thanks for listening!



2:35 – Growing MLS and how you can be apart of this podcast by calling and texting

4:33 – Some other great MLS Podcasts including, the Kickaround on The Ticket Radio in Dallas, Soccer Today by Steve Davis on ESPN Radio Dallas, and The 19th Minute, an FC Dallas fan podcast

6:19 – MLS names, why do we cave to the European soccer pressure

8:29 – Don’t be a soccer snob

10:04 – Minnesota United FC and Atlanta united FC

15:14 – MLS broadcasts

18:44 – Keeping the away teams broadcast at home in a studio

19:44 – FCD offering the online broadcast

20:39 – CCL broadcasts on Facebook Live

22:00 – Funny MLS, including a viral LA Galaxy tweet, Hey Caleb Porter use your subs…or don’t, and Schweinsteiger taking the Chicago Fire all the way to the World Cup

31:04 – Quick look at the MLS season so far

33:52 – FC Dallas!!!

42:09 – Arabe Unido

43:14 – LA – DAL

44:24 – SKC – DAL

47:39 – Pachuca – DAL Leg 1 🙂

49:54 – NE – FCD

52:04 Pachuca – DAL Leg 2 🙁

1:02:14 – MIN – DAL

1:04:54 – Goalkeeper situation, are they looking for another one


Oscar Pareja on the Men In Blazers Podcast


The great tweet by LA Galaxy





Where Will Tony Romo Go?

In this episode, we take a look at the uncomfortable situation in Dallas, as the Cowboys have to decide what to do with Tony Romo. Houston, Denver, the broadcast booth, or the fairway we are looking at any possible place for Tony next year. Also, Dal has some sweet Tony Romo memorabilia he never thought he would have. You can text or call, 832-930-3283 and let us know who where you think Tony will end up. Or you can find us on twitter and facebook, thanks for listening!


2017 Baseball Season Opener AL West Predictions

Relax baseball is back, and so are Dave and Dal! We take a look at the upcoming baseball season, focusing on the AL West division. Dave talks about how he thinks the Rangers did in the offseason and who they should be looking to make a deal for this year. Dave also talks about the rest of the division, he likes the young Astros but isn’t too worried with the Angels, Mariners, and A’s.  You can text or call, 832-930-3283 and let us know who you think will take the AL West. Or find us on twitter and facebook. Thanks for listening!



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2016 NASCAR Chase Championship Predictions

We look to tomorrows exciting finale to the NASCAR season with it all on the line for Joey, Jimmie, Kyle, and Carl as one of those drivers will take home the championship at Homestead. We give you our predictions to who will be lifting the trophy. Also gather round for a little story time with Dave as he shares stories of getting drivers autographs while also asking them an interesting and fun question.

NASCAR Chase Predictions and the Future of NASCAR

Before the Martinsville race, we got together to look at the final push for the NASCAR Sprint Cup Championship. Dave shares his thoughts on the season, and who he thinks will take away the championship. We also look at the new trend of NASCAR drivers retiring early, and what that means for NASCAR. Dal reveals his die hard fandom of Carl Edwards, while Dave has enjoyed getting to watch Jeff Gordon race again this year. And who would’ve guessed it, NASCAR and MLS have similar problems. Thanks for listening!

Rangers Season Recap and What Does Baseball Need?

During game 4 of the World Series we got together to discuss the Rangers season that was (Dave’s favorite team) and also take a look at some areas where baseball can improve. From games in a season, to robot umps we discuss where baseball can make it better. Also with an amazing end to the World Series we will get together soon to talk about an amazing comeback by the Cubs, ending a 108 year drought, and maybe the greatest game 7 of all time.


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MLS Playoff Situation and FC Dallas’ Trophy Case

We take a quick look MLS Playoff landscape. Dal wanted to take a few minutes to explain to those who may be new to soccer or MLS, how exactly FC Dallas got to where they are today, and how this MLS format works exactly. Also don’t fall for the false ending in this episode, Dal had one more bone to pick before this episode finished. It’s almost as if we are bringing back the “hidden track.” Whatever happened to those?

Dallas Cowboys Fast Start, Ezekiel Elliot, and Dak or Tony?

We are BACK! Dave and Dal have returned from a deep sportscast hibernation (see below). We are back at it to look at the Cowboys amazing start, a great draft, Zeke Elliot, and ask if Tony should get his job back. Thanks for listening, and give us a follow on twitter and facebook!