2014 NFL Quarterbacks, Will Mobile Quarterbacks Last? QB MVP Candidates And Why Not Tim Tebow?

Before Dal recounts his awesome and also devastating trip to Green Bay and Lambeau field, here is an episode Dave and Dal recorded at the end of the 2014 NFL regular season on the QB’s who stood out, and the ones who didn’t. What’s in store for the future of the QB position in the NFL? Dave talks about what he thinks it takes for a mobile QB to have longevity in the league. And also why couldn’t Tim Tebow be an NFL QB? Dal brags on Romo and his incredibly efficient play this season. Dave makes a case for Ben Roethlisberger to for MVP this year. They look at what happened to QB’s like Cutler and Kaepernick this season, and also just how valuable it is to have at least a quality starter at the QB position. Dal takes a look at Tom Brady this year, but also in years past. How has he been such a great QB over the years without ever having a dominant RB, or dominant Wide Receivers. Dave offers a comparative look at the great John Elway and what he was able to do. Let us know what you think about this year’s QB’s. And stay tuned for upcoming episodes on Dal’s trip to Green Bay, and also some college football championship talk. I think Dave and Dal are both slated for an apology to OSU and coach Urban Meyer. Thanks for listening!



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